Une Baby-Sitter Très Cool - La Tourné Teatro



Natalie is a polite and responsible 15-year-old student who earns some extra money on the weekends working as a babysitter. In this funny comedy Natalie will take care of Bruno, a charming baby. Bruno’s parents have to go out to a costume party and Natalie will stay in charge of the baby. Everything is going smoothly, Bruno is delighted with his babysitter. Everything seemed to be going great, but soon the night is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tristán, a friend of Natalie’s. Not very convinced, she invites him to stay. After wild games, lots of fun and candy, the baby and Tristan fall ill! Natalie will now be babysitting a baby and a teenager! A comedy of entanglement where funny situations will arise between the characters. An interactive show completely created and adapted for students of French.

Language: French
  • Directed to primary.
  • Aimed at high school / A level.
  • We adapt to the needs of each group.
  • Duration: 55 Mins.
  • It includes:
    • Didactic charts with exercises and vocabulary
    • Colloquium with the actors at the end of the show
    • Two native actors