Our Team - La Tourné Teatro

Our team

Our passionate team work hard every day to make children happy, and not so little children.

  • Oscar Alcaraz
    Oscar Alcaraz Artistic Director

    Heart + Passion: Explosion of talent and creativity

  • Verónica Belinchón
    Verónica Belinchón Director

    Creator of dreams and illusions

  • Arantxa Ferrer & Aryan Montesinos
    Arantxa Ferrer & Aryan Montesinos Sales and customer service

    The owners of the order. Always delighted to assist you.

  • Javi García
    Javi García Sound and lighting technician

    He brings a sparkle to the company!

  • Víctor Hinojosas
    Víctor Hinojosas Sound and lighting technician

    He brings a sparkle to the company!

  • María Martinez
    María Martinez Costume design

    Magical hands that transform everything she touches!

  • Raquel Segarra
    Raquel Segarra Scenic design and creation

    She is magic! Able to make anything happen!

  • Jose Leiva
    Jose Leiva Scenic design and creation

    He is magic! Able to make anything happen!

  • Helen Parker
    Helen Parker English Actress

    Just adorable, with an angelic golden voice!

  • Liam Webster
    Liam Webster English actor

    100% Talent

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith English Actress

    Mini magical fairy, full of energy and life

  • Benjamin Lawlor
    Benjamin Lawlor English Actor

    Expert in creating caring wonderful characters

  • Paul Cammack
    Paul Cammack English Actor

    The gentle giant, always ready to help

  • Pippa Meekings
    Pippa Meekings English Actress

    Miss Pippa:
    Practically perfect in every single way!

  • Therese Robinson
    Therese Robinson English Actress

    Powerful beauty, artist extraordinaire

  • Scottie Allen
    Scottie Allen English Actor

    Unforgettable & wonderful characters

  • Rob Keeves
    Rob Keeves English Actor

    Shakespeare reincarnated

  • Ria Mason
    Ria Mason English Actress

    Everything is possible with this beautiful princess.

  • Isaac Finch
    Isaac Finch English Actor

    The gift of improvisation is his best weapon

  • Nathan Lister
    Nathan Lister English Actor

    A handsome fairytale prince

  • Betty Charlton
    Betty Charlton English Actress

    A true english Lady of Loveliness.

  • Becky Amy Wood
    Becky Amy Wood English Actress

    Wonderful and talented lady!

  • Samuel Pérez
    Samuel Pérez Spanish actor

    Pure energy

  • Ana Villar
    Ana Villar Spanish actress

    Her rhythm and her talent make her authentic

  • Ángel Crespo
    Ángel Crespo Spanish Actor

    Willing, Passionate, Unique!

  • Valentin Johner
    Valentin Johner Acteur Français

    Madness and professionalism

  • Erwan Fouquet
    Erwan Fouquet Organisateur de la Tournée Française

    Oh La La! Il est magnifique!

  • Malou Virgier
    Malou Virgier Organisateur de la Tournée Française

    Oh La La! Elle est magnifique!