The Company - La Tourné Teatro

The Company

Transforming the love of theatre into an educational instrument is the key to our success.

We create theatre with passion, professionalism, competence and quality.

La Tourné Teatro offers theatre in key curriculum languages as a great form of entertainment and a source of learning for children and adolescents.

We believe that La Tourné Teatro is an excellent tool to teach and reinforce students classroom learning in not only language but also art, music, classical literature and historical works in a fun interactive way.

Seeing theatre in other languages helps increase student’s concentration and understanding of the language.   Our productions also give the opportunity to widen their understanding of the world we live in, through the topics and themes of our shows. In addition, we always teach important morals and values.

To achieve the best result, La Tourné Teatro selects the best native actors through rigorous castings in England, France and Spain.

Let the show begin! Course 2024-2025

La Tourné Teatro offers and guarantees:

  • Native and professional artists.
  • Sets, lighting and sound equipment adaptable to each space.
  • Shows with different levels of linguistic comprehension.
  • A production specially prepared to stimulate and maintain public attention.
  • Downloadable educational material on our website.
  • An informal talk between students and actors at the end of the show.

We differentiate ourselves by the attention, the participation and the interest with which the students follow each show, and by the positive response of the teachers.

We create rigorous, high quality shows represented by native and professional actors.









All our shows can be performed at different language levels depending on student ability and understanding.  They are all interactive and give the audience the opportunity to participate.

We combine classical theatre and modern technology.

We take care of all the details:  scenery, lighting, sound, costumes and workbooks.

Where we perform

Schools, cultural centres, concert halls and theatres.

We can schedule the show to be performed at your school or inform you of local venues where you and your students can attend.

 All our shows have mobile technical equipment and sets adaptable to different spaces:

  • Theatres

  • Meeting rooms

  • Multipurpose rooms

  • Gymnasiums


We offer an informal talk between the actors and students.

We provide an informal talk between the actors and students at the end of the show. Therefore, we recommend that your students prepare their questions in class beforehand to make the talk more rewarding and interesting.

We offer teaching materials

To maximise the students understanding and enjoyment of each production we offer downloadable teaching materials to be used before the production.  These can be downloaded from our website and include; reading, writing, listening and grammar exercises, original songs, games and classroom projects.

Let the Show Begin!