Manostijeras - La Tourné Teatro



Edward is an sensitive boy created by a flamboyant inventor who could not finish his work, and left the young man with scissors instead of hands.

Orphaned, he has been living in his mansion since it was created without knowing that there is another type of life outside those walls.

When Peggy, a sales rep, stumbles across Edward she takes  him under her wing and convinces him to come home with her to live with her family.

Fun situations full of humour, music, original songs,  choreography, lighting, scenery and stunning costumes make this show an exquisite adaptation where public participation is essential. A show written and thought for teenagers!

Languages: Spanish and Valencian
  • Directed to 3rd cycle of primary.
  • Aimed at high school / a level.
  • We adapt to the needs of each group.
  • Duration: 60 Mins.
  • It includes:
    • Didactic sheets
    • Four native actors with which the students can speak at the end of the play