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Embark on a hilarious teenage adventure with our 100% French show “Connexions Inattendues.”
Immerse yourself in the first date between two young people full of enthusiasm and nervousness, where preparation and teenage situations are intertwined in a comedy of entanglements that will bring laughter and complicities. This French comedy, written especially for teenagers, offers a plot full of funny occurrences between the characters, creating an interactive environment designed exclusively for French learners.

The stage is divided into two parts, each representing the room of one of the teenagers. From the comfort of their personal spaces, you’ll be able to witness how they prepare for the date, choose an outfit, and even shave for the first time, all while the hilarious plot unfolds.

This show is a platform to explore values ​​such as:
● Self-discovery: Allowing young people to identify and reflect on their own experiences of self-discovery.
● Empathy: Encourages understanding and empathy towards the feelings of excitement and nervousness that accompany a teenage date, promoting an emotional connection between viewers and characters.
● Humor: We use comedy to address embarrassing and comical situations typical of adolescence, promoting the ability to laugh at oneself.
● Self-Acceptance: Through the build-up to the date, the plot highlights positive messages about self-acceptance, encouraging teens to feel comfortable being themselves.

Get ready for an evening full of laughter, complicity, and learning!

Language: French
  • Directed to primary.
  • Aimed at high school / A level.
  • We adapt to the needs of each group.
  • Duration: 55 Mins.
  • It includes:
    • Didactic charts with exercises and vocabulary
    • Colloquium with the actors at the end of the show
    • Two native actors