A fun musical and adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s famous tale

At the top of a column rose the golden statue of the Happy Prince and a swallow decided to shelter between his feet. A pure and generous friendship was born between them, capable of changing the lives of others.

The golden statue, admired by all the inhabitants of the city it protects, feels sad. What will be the secret of the Happy Prince’s tears? Perhaps a good-hearted swallow, who dreams of visiting the Pyramids of Egypt, can he find the answer in this beautiful tale.

This is a theatrical version designed and created for children in the process of learning English. It is developed from a simple, dynamic text, totally adapted to the attending courses, accompanied by a repertoire of unpublished songs and choreography, a magical and colourful scenic space, very friendly characters and, of course, the participation and collaboration of children.

Language: English
  • Aimed at early years and primary children.
  • We adapt to the needs of each group.
  • Duration: 60 Mins.
  • It includes:
    • Didactic sheets with exercises and games
    • Musical Songs for the Teacher
    • Colloquium with the actors at the end of the show
    • Four native actors