Authentic and gripping story in English. The ice cream truck has arrived in our neighbourhood, but we don’t arrive in time to buy a delicious ice cream. HOWEVER, THAT’S NOT THE ONLY PROBLEM! We go in search of the truck that is heading for the forest. The children will have a fun adventure and take a trip through the forest where they will meet different animals, make new friends, escape the claws of the crocodile that lives in the lake and discover the precious gifts that nature offers us, it’s colours and the aroma of flowers.

Interactive show. Participation of the students in scenes and actions of psychomotricity. Songs, stimulation with objects, images, sensorial development with the contact of puppets, mimicry, gestures and many, many smiles!

Language: English
  • Aimed at children 0 to 5 YEARS.
  • We adapt to the needs of each group.  
  • Duration: 45 Mins.
  • It includes:
    • A native actor