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The Company

«Transforming the love of theatre into a didactic instrument is the key to our success.»

We make theatre with passion, professionalism, competence and quality

For us, theatre in education is a wonderful way to approach and reinforce what is learned in class. We have found the perfect combination of humour and moral value to keep our audiences entertained and informed. Our productions are carefully devised to fire the imaginations and creativity of our young audiences, as well as give them the tools to understand and appreciate the complex world we live in. We keep our audiences engaged through a high volume of audience participation. Every one of our productions is jam-packed with fun, laughter, adventure, original soundtracks, special effects, extraordinary costumes and set, compelling characters and passionate native actors. With each production written and workshop prepared for children, we ensure that from the very beginning, the audience will be transported on a truly magical adventure and enriching theatrical experience. 

Let the show begin! Course 2019-2020

We offer and guarantee:

• Native and professional actors

• Beautifully designed sets adaptable to each unique space

• Shows adaptable to different levels of linguistic comprehension

• Downloadable educational material on our website

• Student and actor interaction at the end of the show

We differentiate ourselves by the attention, the participation and the interest with which the students follow each spectacle, and by the positive response of the teachers.

How do we do it:

All we require is a hall / gym / cafeteria or similar open space. Our set up consists of unpacking the van of all the equipment, building the sets and performing a thorough sound check. This takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on your access / space.
All of our staff carry an up to date Disclosure Certificate as well as photographic identification.

We perform in:

  • Theatres  
  • Meeting rooms
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Gymnasiums  

We prepare Workbooks

We provide the activity with a Q & A between students and actors at the end of the show. Therefore, we recommend that your students prepare their questions in class beforehand. Furthermore, when it’s time to read through your dialogue with the actors in the corresponding language, the activity will be more rewarding and interesting.

We have teaching material

Exercises, games and songs as a useful tool for pedagogical support and encouragement that can be downloaded from our website